Youth Programs

Working with youth of color in our community is core to our values and belief in the abilty of the community to serve its own needs. Our youth programs include workshops and week long camps with the following objectives and topics:

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of self as a means of understanding our own power
  • Expand our understanding of the connection of self to educational and community responsibility
  • Continue to reflect on our past experiences with the aim of moving forward in a positive, productive and purposeful manner that centers on self-discipline and brotherhood
  • Utilize heritage and history to empower our sense of individual and collective identity
  • Strengthen our sense of positive purpose
  • Develop strong male character and personal accountability

Full Year Session Descriptions:

Note that each session is comprised of multiple classes, exercises and activities.

 Session I: Know ThySelf

“Real Talk” on SELF; who am I, what is my purpose? Who am I responsible to?

Session II: Self-Discipline

“REAL TALK” on Self-Discipline and the ability to control our own behavior, control our emotions and decide upon favorable decisions and actions in school, home and community.

Session III: Heritage and Self

“REAL TALK” on HERITAGE; what is our collective history and what meaning does it have for us today?  Learn about the heroes and events of our history with an understanding of oppression and its impact on community.  How can we use heritage and history to expand our understanding of self and prepare for a more focused productive future?

Session IV: Family as a Team

“Real Talk” on FAMILY; what is family, what are the strengths of our families? What is the connection between self, family, and community?

Session V: Girls, Sisters, Mothers and Grandmothers

“REAL TALK” on SISTERHOOD; how do we perceive and/or misperceive girls/women, what is the importance of respect in male/female relations at school, home and in the community?

Session VI: Community Building

“REAL TALK” on OUR COMMUNITY; what issues are we facing in our communities? What role can we play in community upliftment?

Session VII: Personal Care and Respectable Presence

“REAL TALK” on OUR PRESENCE; how important is grooming and personal care? What kinds of behaviors are respectful or disrespectful?

Session VIII and VII: Preparing for Manhood

“REAL TALK” on MANHOOD; what is manhood, what models have we seen of manhood and are they ideal?  How do we find and continue on a more effective, meaningful path of manhood development?

Session IX: Brotherhood

“REAL TALK” on BROTHERHOOD; What is a team of Brothers?  How can Brotherhood help our school?  How does Brotherhood help the community?

Session X: Reflections on Your Development

“REAL TALK” on YOUR DEVELOPMENT; how have you grown through this program?  How has it impacted your behavior at home and at school? What areas are needed for future growth?

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