School Site/
Non-Profit Protection

In today’s world we find that school sites and non-profits face safety challenges and at the same time have youth and staff eager to engage in the protection and care of the schools they thrive in. 

Our Unique Approach

Zulu Community Protection is a licensed PPO (Private Patrol Operator) and thus offers security services to school sites, businesses and organizations. What separates our security from other typical security companies is that we utilize culturally based, racial conscious and community committed approaches that focus on Restorative Justice techniques. 

How we Work

Our protection services are centered around training and incorporating students and staff with Zulu Community Protection personnel in a manner that increases ownership and school pride and decreases negative social behaviors including fights, graffiti, bullying and vandalism. 

Proven Methods

With a proven approach and track record Zulu Community Protection works with you to transform the culture of your school site. Key principles and approaches utilized are restorative justice, de-escalation and student/staff engagement.

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